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Amateur meteorologists can track extreme weather with WeatherCAN app

The app for Canadian weather adds more accurate radar to better predict incoming weather.

WeatherCAN/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CBS Interactive

To better help you anticipate rain and snow storms, Environment and Climate Change Canada is coming to iOS and Android.

The new WeatherCAN app supplies you with information directly from Canada's official weather source. The app includes a new high-resolution, zoomable radar with map so you can better anticipate the next big thunderstorm or blizzard. The radar is four times better than the ones currently available, according to The Star.

"Environment and Climate Change Canada has a mandated obligation to alert Canadians to impactful weather, water, and climate issues," Claire Martin, project manager of the Meteorological Services of Canada said. "In order to fulfil our public responsibility and serve Canadians effectively, we are responding to requests to provide information on the latest information platforms."

When you open the app, type in your location or add a new one if you're not home to see current weather conditions over the next 24 hours. WeatherCAN includes current, hourly and 7-day forecasts for more than 10,000 locations in Canada.

WeatherCAN also includes detailed forecasts so you can plan ahead or turn on notifications to get alerted to incoming weather.

The app gives users climate information and weather facts, too. For example, you can learn more about droughts with Canada's Drought Monitor and drought-prone regions. The menu includes a weather glossary to better understand meteorological events.

WeatherCAN is available in English, French and some Indigenous symbols for northern locations. Units are also customizable between Metric and Imperial.

Martin said that the public's reaction to the app has been overwhelmingly positive.

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