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Alpine adds traffic info to GPS

Alpine adds traffic info to GPS

The clinically named HCE-100XM module receives XM satellite traffic data and integrates it with Alpine's NVE-N872A navigation module. Maps and data from the navigation and traffic modules display on most Alpine in-dash monitors. The traffic information you get is similar to that shown on the navigation system for the 2006 Acura RL: traffic flow and icons for accidents, road construction, or really bad congestion. The navigation system can also route around incidents, which demonstrates really good integration between these two separate components. The system doesn't come cheap, however. The HCE-100XM traffic module runs $300, plus an XM subscription of $9.95 a month for traffic only or $16.94 for traffic plus XM radio. The NVE-N872A navigation unit costs $1,700, while an Alpine monitor will run about $1,000. XM covers traffic in 31 metropolitan areas, which covers most of the seriously built-up areas in the country, but only 21 of those areas have traffic-flow information available.