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Alienware announces a pair of Viiv PCs

Alienware announces a pair of Viiv PCs

Alienware announced a pair of Intel Viiv PCs this week. The Area-51 3550 uses the standard alien-head case, inside of which you'll find the new dual-core Pentium D 920 processor. Alienware is taking preorders on its site for the Area-51 3550 and lists January 26 as the estimated ship date. It starts at $1,289, and in a very un-Alienware move, the system offers only integrated Intel graphics.

More surprising is the new Area-51 5400, the company's first all-in-one PC. It uses Intel's new dual-core mobile platform, the Centrino Duo. And like the iMac G5, the Area-51 5400 features an integrated camera. Unlike with the iMac, you'll have the option of adding a TV tuner to the Area-51 5400. The system's small footprint can be made even smaller by docking the Bluetooth keyboard in the stand. Alienware has yet to finalize pricing but expects the 5400 to sell for less than $2,000 when it begins shipping in March.