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After 25 years, Moviefone to hang up on callers

The famous 777-FILM number will be around for another month, but its mobile app will live on and allow users to buy tickets.

Moviefone, the phone service that provided people in large cities with movie times and was popularized in a "Seinfeld" episode, will be closing soon.

Over the weekend, Moviefone started informing callers that the service will be shuttered. According to The New York Times, which previously reported on the closure, it will shut down in a month. The call-in service will be replaced by the Moviefone mobile app, which will provide both movie times and the ability to buy tickets.

The fact that Moviefone number is closing down marks an end of an era for a service that has been used by so many for so long. It's an unfortunate demise, though probably inevitable.