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Adobe to Windows users: Let there be Lightroom (beta)

Adobe to Windows users: Let there be Lightroom (beta)

Adobe debuted the Mac version of its Lightroom imaging work flow software back in January, and frankly, we'd begun to think the company had pulled the plug on the Windows version. Then Adobe acquired Pixmantec at the end of June. That company's product was a very nice Windows-only, raw work flow product named RawShooter and a camera profile tool, RawShooter ColorEngine. I hardly expected Adobe to simply absorb or rebrand the software, but neither did I think it'd simply toss all that lovely Windows code. So I took heart.

And now we poor, neglected Windows users can finally see the Lightroom. I downloaded and installed the beta, and it's still a little slow and glitchy, but not nearly as slow as Bridge. I'm hoping those Pixmantec boys can give Adobe some help with performance optimization.

However, the big unanswered question remains: how much? It's a really nice tool that can handle most essential raw-related print and Web tasks, but the wrong price could kill it.

It's coming to a PC near you at the end of the year. You can get it here.