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Adobe and Moleskine team up, launch digital drawing notebook for creatives

The notebook can simultaneously convert hand-drawn works to digital images and upload it to Adobe's Creative Cloud.


Adobe and Moleskine partner together to make a new notebook.


Creative software company Adobe and luxury stationary maker Moleskine have teamed up to launch an analog-to-digital drawing notebook aimed at creatives and designers. The clumsily named notebook is called the  "Moleskine Paper Tablet - Creative Cloud Connected," and it enables illustrators to sketch on paper while their images are simultaneously converted to digital images. Though it's a niche device, this would modify a user's workflow, quickly digitizing their hand-drawn work while allowing them to use editing software on the fly.

There are other digital pads we've seen that incorporate tactile paper, like the Royole RoWrite and the iSkn Slate. But this is the first one that we know of that's backed by both a big-name tech company and a popular papermaker. This partnership could attract not only those who regularly work with Adobe's Creative Cloud and its suite of applications including Photoshop and InDesign, but also artists. Illustrators like Paul Heaston, David Morales and Luís Simões cultivate large online followings due to their work on Moleskine notebooks.

The Moleskine Paper Tablet is available now online and at Moleskine stores and costs $34.95. It works with a special $179 pen called the Pen+Ellipse, and it is compatible with both Windows PCs and Macs.