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Acer Iconia Tab A200 review: The 'Toll Road' of Android tablets

The Acer Iconia Tab A200 is capable and functional, but not particularly memorable.

From the lock screen, one of four customizable shortcuts can be accessed. Also, a giant thumb takes control of the situation. Josh Miller/CNET

As I said last week in my First Take, there's really nothing special about the Acer Iconia Tab A200. Not that it does anything wrong, but what it does do just isn't especially noteworthy.

It really is the Toll Road of Android tablets. It gets the job done, but not much else. What's a "Toll Road," you ask? Actually, he's an "Expendables" character you likely don't even remember being in the movie.

An admittedly flawed movie, "The Expendables" is filled with a team of colorful and memorable characters. At the very least, each team member has some kind of specialty. Except for Toll Road.

Played by the former UFC-dominating Randy Couture, Toll had no interesting character quirks, no quotable lines, and no particular skill that makes him a valuable member of the team. He's just kind of there, getting the job done.

That's how the A200 strikes me. It includes the usual tablet features (minus two), but no X-factor.

Still, available for only $330 (for 8GB; $350 for 16GB), it's the cheapest non-contract buy-in to Honeycomb/ICS yet. Whether that distinction actually makes it special enough to buy is up to you and your needs.

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