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According to Al, "Rhapsody rocks!"

According to Al, "Rhapsody rocks!"

It's interesting, but there are some products that at first viewing you just don't get. That's how it was with me and Real Rhapsody. The first time I saw it, I thought it was silly. I have about 30GB of digital music on my computer, and I'm pretty happy with my music collection. Furthermore, the idea of paying $9.99 for Rhapsody Unlimited (which gives you unlimited streams and downloads but no transfers to portable devices) or $14.99 a month for Rhapsody To Go (which lets you transfer your downloads to a portable device) made no sense at all. Of course, being one of the curious ones, I decided to give it whirl. You know, just to see what the hype was about. That was the biggest mistake I think I've ever made. I freakin' love it! Whether hanging out at my apartment, at work, or at my mom's house, the ability to have all the music that I want to hear available at the other end of a broadband connection (any broadband connection) is truly amazing. But it's worse than that. I'm spreading my addiction to my friends. A month or so ago, I was hanging out with my buddy Al, who was still dabbling in the unstable world of P2P networks. I told him that he needed to grow up and starting paying for stuff. With that in mind, I fired up Rhapsody, and he, like me, seemed skeptical. I told him to put together a playlist and just have some fun with it. So here I am sitting in my office a month later when a text message appears on my cell phone from Al that simply reads, "Rhapsody rocks!" Another one bites the dust.