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A royal-wedding commemorative iPhone X as costly as the event

Well, not really, but at $4,600, Goldgenie's latest blinged-out iPhone is really for well-heeled royal-wedding fanatics.


It's the next best thing to being there.


If you were worried there would be no way to combine your love of Apple products with your zealous following of all things royal-wedding related, fear not: Purveyor of golden Apple products, Goldgenie, has got you covered with its limited-edition 24-carat gold iPhone X engraved with Harry and Meghan.

Not just the couple, either -- on the iPhone X Diamond Cluster Royal Wedding Edition the Apple logo sports diamonds. If its $4,600 (£3,600, directly converted AU$6,100) price is a little too deep for your pockets, you can buy the cheaper iPhone X Elite Royal Wedding Edition for a mere $4,000 (£3,100, directly converted AU$5,300). But it's the royal wedding. Do you really want to skimp?

Act now; there are only 99 of each edition and they're sure to go quickly. You can even pay in cryptocurrency.