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Got a 32GB iPhone 7? It might be slower than you think

The 32GB-capacity iPhone 7 may transfer large files like photos and movies slower than the 256GB model, according to one YouTuber's test.

An iPhone 7 is an iPhone 7, right? Well maybe not, said YouTuber Unbox Therapy in a video test of the iPhone 7's ability to quickly transfer files from a laptop to his phones (video below). In fact, he found the 32GB version of the iPhone 7 to transfer "Star Wars -- Episode IV: A New Hope" significantly slower than the 256GB iPhone 7: 3 minutes, 39 seconds versus 2 minutes, 34 seconds.

Faster write speeds, as they're known, don't usually factor into why someone would want to buy one phone model over another. In fact, this is a well-known phenomenon, and not only in iPhones.

Unbox Therapy's tests leave questions about consistency: it didn't compare all three iPhone 7 storage models in this video, or all three iPhone 7 Plus models compared to each other. It also didn't take into account if write speeds commonly vary between all phones with different capacities: say 32GB and 64GB Samsung Galaxy S7 models. This is something CNET plans to follow up on in-house.

Still, fast write speeds on their own are a fringe advantage for folks who commonly transfer large files like full-length movies and entire TV seasons from their laptop to phone. Say you want to transfer a bunch of movies for a trip -- that few minutes' difference in write time could add up for extra antsy users.

Apple didn't immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. Article updated Monday, October 24 at 9:39am PT with CNET link.

[Via Business Insider]