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2006 Geneva Auto Show

2006 Geneva Auto Show

I'm getting ready to fly to Switzerland to cover the 2006 Geneva Auto Show or, as it's officially known, the 76th International Motor Show and Accessories Geneva. The Geneva show is one of Europe's biggest, especially considering this is an off year for Frankfurt's biannual show. I've seen a steady stream of advance notices about the Geneva show, with lots of concepts and exotics. Some of the previews hint at a trend toward mini-SUVs, such as the Volkswagen Concept A, a pretty cool-looking car that might be termed a crossover on this side of the Atlantic, and the Toyota Urban Cruiser, which dips below the Rav4 in size. The exotics are going to be in full force--Ferrari will show the 399 GTB, Brabus will have a V-12 S Biturbo, and Koenigsegg is bringing the CCX, which could turn out to be faster than the Bugatti Veyron. For concepts, we'll be looking for Saab's potential future in its Aero-X, Nissan's proposal for a postapocalyptic tourer with its Terranaut, and Hyundai's design for a crossover competitor in the Hed-2 Genus. There's also the Hornet concept from Dodge, which takes some cues from the Scion xB. Although it's called International, this is a European show, so we will cover a few cars that aren't available in the United States, just to see how the other half, or third, lives. We'll be looking at a tiny French roadster called the Zest, as well as possibly a Skoda or two, and we'll try to find out when Smart will start selling its microcars in the United States.