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10 must-have apps for Verizon iPhone owners

New to iPhone? Welcome to the party! No doubt you've already stocked up on well-known apps like Angry Birds, Facebook, and Netflix, but those are just the tip of the app iceberg.

The Verizon iPhone.
The Verizon iPhone. Apple

After years of waiting, you've finally got a Verizon-branded iPhone. OK, now what? You've played Angry Birds, updated your Facebook status, and watched an "Arrested Development" marathon on Netflix. Is that all there is?

Of course not. When you're ready to start using your iPhone like the power tool that it is, you're ready for my roundup of must-have apps. They're not the run-of-the-mill fodder like Pandora and Yelp; they're lesser-known gems that will make you marvel at what your shiny new toy can do.

Needless to say, these are just my picks. What apps would you recommend for our new Verizon-powered brothers and sisters?