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10 must-have apps for iPad 2 owners

Did you buy Apple's shiny new tablet today? Then you'll want to stock up on these killer apps (which, FYI, are just as awesome on the original iPad, natch).

An iPad without apps is like a book without verbs. In honor of today's iPad 2 launch, I've put together a list of 10 "verbs" that'll turn your tablet into a book you can't put down. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, e-book apps make an appearance.) Whether you're jumping on the iPad bandwagon for the first time or swapping your original model for the new one, you'll definitely want to stock up on these apps--half of which are free!

By the way, don't expect to see Angry Birds, Netflix, the Kindle app, and other "usual suspects." Those are pretty widely known already, which is why I've focused on some lesser-known (and even surprising) choices. That said, if I left out any of your iPad favorites, be sure to talk them up in the comments!