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Spring is in the air, but you're still a mess. Time to clean your phone, home and life

Go on, get it together.

Derek Poore/CNET

Spring is in the air -- and as the dust settles on winter, all the extra light streaming in the windows might be making it clear that you have tangles of cables, a dirty laptop and plenty of kitchen mess. Time to connect with your inner Marie Kondo.

We've collected the best tips for the right ways to clean up and organize. If you need some extra motivation, try downloading some of these apps to inspire you to get your cleaning on.

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Keep your current phone clean and recycle your old ones

clean smartphone

It's easy to clean your phone the wrong way.

Derek Poore/CNET

Clean your laptop and TV, and organize those cables


Don't let this be you.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Disinfect your kitchen and home

Eat better, exercise more for a healthier you

Now playing: Watch this: Top 5 spring-cleaning tech tips