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Take control of your smartphone

Your smartphone doesn't get to decide what its limitations are, you do. On this week's episode of CNET's The Fix, we'll show you three ways to take your smartphone beyond its limits.

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There are certain limitations of your smartphone that most of us accept. But what if I told you you didn't necessarily have to accept your smartphone as it is? And with a few simple tips and tricks, your phone could break free of its artificial constraints.

First up, if you own an iPhone 4 or later, know that you have a faux-consciousness called Siri living inside your phone. Sharon Profis knows this and will show you a few ways to start making Siri work for you.

Then, Donald gets fed up with his stock Android keyboards and goes looking for something more useful and more exciting. He then graciously passes his newfound alternative Android keyboard knowledge onto you.

And finally, I'll take a normal, everyday Android phone and show you three distinct ways to add more storage to it.

If you have smartphone tips of your own, don't be shy. Share them in the comments below.

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