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With Prices Starting at $3, Let These Lightning Cables Be Your Impulse Purchase of the Day

Why not grab an extra cable to ensure your phone can always be charged?


Ever think that you have enough charging cables and then you're unable to find one just when you need it? We've all been there. Whether you have 50 of them or just one, you're going to want to check out this awesome offer at Woot. Right now, Prime members can grab an extra Lightning cable from Woot for as little as $3. 

These cables cost as much (if not less) than a cup of coffee does. You can grab a new 3-foot Lightning cable in your choice of a few different colors. There are two packs and longer lengths available to decide between, as well. These Amazon Basics cables are MFi-certified, meaning they are guaranteed to work safely with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. The same cables are selling for $10 or more at Amazon

You'll need to use the "Login with Amazon" button to ensure you qualify for an additional discount $3 on your order, which will knock down the total price to as low as $3. Even better, shipping is free once logged in to your Amazon account. Some of the lengths and colors have already sold out, so you'll want to make sure you head over to Woot now to see what's available.

There's a limit of one purchase per customer.