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Verizon's iPhone XR deal saves you $300 and includes a $200 prepaid Mastercard

There are some requirements, of course, but this still represents a pretty huge savings on one of our favorite phones.

James Martin/CNET

With its big screen, fast performance and $599 starting price, the iPhone XR is already the best iPhone value in years. A new Verizon deal stands to make it even better. For a limited time, you can save $300 on any iPhone XR when purchased with a new line of service. You can also receive a rebate in the form of a $200 prepaid Mastercard. Assuming you purchase the 64GB model, that would leave you with a final effective price of just $99. (There's a $40 activation fee as well, though if you order online, it drops to $20.)

This is a financing deal, meaning you can't just buy the phone outright and immediately save $300. Rather, it'll be part of a 24-month service plan, and your savings will appear in the form of bill credit on that plan.

So, again using the 64GB model as an example, you'll pay $12.49 per month on top of whatever plan you choose. The rate would rise to $14.58 for the 128GB model and $18.74 for the 256GB. In the end, you'll have paid $300 less than you would have. That holds true if you decide you'd rather just pay the phone's full price up front -- but then you won't qualify for the rebate.

Speaking of which, the rebate requires you to port in a number and choose one of Verizon's Unlimited plans, which start at $80 per month. After you've completed checkout, you can register via this site. Use promo code NEWYEAR200.

Assuming you want Verizon service and have a number you can port in, this helps make the iPhone XR extremely affordable. That said, don't overlook an unlocked, refurbished model, which wouldn't tie you to the same carrier (and pricey plan) for two years. At Backmarket, for example, you can get an iPhone XR (with 12-month warranty) for $305.

Your thoughts?

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