This Ultra Mobile deal is insane: 12 months of service for $126

That nets you a fairly modest 3GB of high-speed data -- but maybe that's enough?

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Ultra Mobile

How much cellular data do you consume in a typical month? If you spend most of your time connected to Wi-Fi, it might be less than you think. Indeed, based on a recent poll of Cheapskate readers, the majority of users chew through only about 1-5GB per month:

If that's you, then I've got a deal you won't want to miss. For a limited time, Ultra Mobile is offering 12 months of prepaid service for just $126. (You can also opt for 6 months for $66.) That's for new activations only, and you can't have been a customer anytime in the past 60 days. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Ultra Mobile is a T-Mobile carrier, so that's the network you'll be on. That means you need a phone that's unlocked and compatible. The price includes a SIM card, which you'll receive in 2-3 days. However, you will have to pony up for taxes and fees, which in my case added about $14 to the final cost.

The plan itself includes unlimited talk, global texting and data, including calls to over 80 countries. Your high-speed data, however, tops out at 3GB per month -- not a ton, but obviously you'll know best how much you really need.

At $126 for the year, Ultra Mobile costs $54 less than a similar prepaid plan from Mint Mobile (also a T-Mobile provider). Of course, after 12 months, this same plan reverts to the regular rate of $21 per month. But that's 2020's problem, and there may well be different/better deals available then.

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Right now, if you have modest data needs, this is the single best prepaid plan out there, period. (As with any carrier deal, however, do your homework to make sure the coverage and features will suit your requirements.)

If you're already an Ultra Mobile user, hit the comments and let me know how it's been going.

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