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This little Grogu ball is a Bluetooth speaker you can buy for $7 today

I mean, come on. It's too cute to ignore.

Bluetooth Grogu

You can find Grogu figures just about everywhere now. This little green force-wielder has stolen hearts anywhere, and it's now possible to get a figure of Grogu in just about any shape and size you can imagine. While the collectors among us have their hands full, you might prefer to have a Grogu figure that does more than collect dust. If that's you, this Bluetooth speaker looks like Grogu enjoying a snack and it's only $7 today. 

This 2-inch speaker isn't going to blow your mind when it comes to audio quality, but it will keep a decent connection to your phone for up to 40 feet and depending on your phone you can connect two of these Bitty Boomer speakers together for "stereo" sound. These little speakers are cute and great as stocking stuffers, and this discounted price makes it a lot easier to give as gifts. 

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