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These wireless sport earbuds are only $9.99 with this exclusive coupon (Update: Sold out)

You've got two options to choose from for a price that's just plain impossible to beat. Plus: Insignia's 50-inch Fire TV is down to $280.

Only the green version is available, but it's still a spiffy color.

I'm repeating myself, but this is worth repeating: You need different headphones for different situations. Today's deal, for example: A set that's ideal for the gym.

Two sets, actually. They're similar, with one minor design difference but the same incredible price: 10 measly bucks. At that price you can't afford not to buy one! 😄

First up: MobileCityOnline has the Jarv Wave Flex wireless neckband sport earphones (black) for $9.99 when you apply promo code CNETSPRTBUDS at checkout. Update: These are sold out; there are still some of the RevJams (below) available.

Next up: MobileCityOnline also has the RevJams Studio Vue wireless neckband sport earphones (green) for $9.99 when you apply promo code CNETSPRTBUDS at checkout. Yep: Same vendor, same code, very slightly different product. Update: These are sold out as well! (Remember, the promo code works only with the green model.)


Alas, while shipping is free for both of these, they don't qualify for Prime, so delivery might take a week or so.

These are sweatproof in-ear 'buds with magnetic tips. That means they can snap together when you take them out of your ears, which is handy if you're still exercising as they won't flop around as much.

The RevJams have those little rubber wing tips, which may help them stay in your ears a bit better. Beyond that, the two products are nearly identical: 7 hours of play time, built-in microphone for taking calls and a one-year warranty.

Based on the photos alone, I like the Jarv design just a bit better, as the control buttons appear bigger and easier to see. Mostly, however, I like the idea of gym-friendly earphones for 10 bucks.

Your thoughts?

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Bonus deal: So often lately I've wished I was in the market for a new TV, what with all the insanely good deals.

For example, this weekend only, Best Buy has the Insignia 50-inch LED 4K HDR Fire TV for $279.99 shipped (plus tax), a savings of $70. 

Insignia is Best Buy's house brand, but don't let that dissuade you: It has a rather staggering 4.7-star rating from nearly 1,100 buyers -- a whopping 95 percent of whom would recommend the TV to friends.

And why not? It has a built-in Amazon Fire TV UI, an Alexa-savvy voice remote and a 4K ultra-HD picture that supports HDR. The only thing missing: YouTube, a known Fire TV limitation. (You can access it in a browser, but there's no dedicated app for it.)

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