The all-new Mighty Vibe Spotify player is $69 with this exclusive coupon

For Day 8 of CNET's 10 Days of Deals, it's the best Spotify accessory you've never heard of -- for a price you won't find anywhere else.

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The second-gen Mighty comes in your choice of colors, including red.

Mighty Audio

Are you a Spotify subscriber? Then you've no doubt discovered the limitations for listening offline. Basically, it requires a phone, which isn't always convenient -- like when you're at the gym or out for a run. And even if you do have your phone, you'll have to devote a chunk of precious storage to your Spotify playlists.

The Mighty Vibe solves those problems. This portable player -- a dead ringer for Apple's dearly departed Shuffle -- absorbs your Spotify playlists (and podcasts) for easy offline listening. And I've got a deal on it.

For a limited time, you can get the Mighty Vibe for just $68.80 with promo code CNET20. It normally sells for $86. That code should be automatically applied at checkout, but just in case.

This is the second-gen version of the Mighty, featuring better battery life (at least 5 hours of play time), broader Bluetooth compatibility, better Bluetooth range and a redesigned mobile app.

It's also now available in a couple snazzy colors. In addition to basic black, you can choose a teal or red case.

As noted, the Mighty Vibe looks and operates much like an iPod Shuffle , right down to its spring-loaded clip and simplistic controls. What's handy here, though, is that you can pair it to Bluetooth earphones for a wireless listening experience. Indeed, I just tried it with a wire-free set -- pretty nice!

There is, of course, a headphone jack if you want to go wired, and that jack is also used to charge the Vibe. A spare cable will run you $7.

The player can hold up to 1,000 songs, but you can't sync specific artists or albums, only playlists.

That minor limitation aside, I can't understand why this is product isn't better-known or more popular. It is, to my knowledge, the only offline-Spotify gadget currently available, and at this price it's a very affordable way to carry around your favorite playlists and podcasts, no phone necessary.

If there's a Spotify lover in your life, I can think of no better gift.

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