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Share movies from your iPhone to any TV for $20 with this sale [Update: Sold out]

If you travel a lot, this little adapter makes a big difference in how you watch movies.

Apple Lightning AV Adapter

The cool thing about having all of your favorite streaming apps on your phone is you can bring your entire movie and TV show library with you wherever you go. If you travel a lot, being able to watch wherever you are is super handy. That said, having a 50-inch TV in your hotel room mocking you while you watch Ted Lasso on your 5-inch screen is considerably less fun. Instead, you should make sure you have Apple's Lightning AV adapter with you so you can plug straight in to the TV. And if you didn't already have one, you can pick it up today for $30 cheaper than usual. 

No matter which version of the iPhone you have, if you take this adapter and plug it in you'll have the ability to share whatever is on your display with a nearby screen. All you need is an HDMI cable to connect to the adapter, and there's a better than average chance the TV in your hotel room will have one back there. If you're worried about draining your battery while sharing a video to a larger screen, don't worry you can also plug your power cable in to this adapter and charge while you watch. So if you're traveling for work and want to use a bigger screen or visiting family and want to share photos from a recent trip, this cable is super handy to have in your travel kit.