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Save Up to 44% on Spigen Chargers and Adapters at Amazon Right Now

A foldable, USB-C fast charger is now only $14.

When it comes to charging your phone quickly, you need to make sure your charger and any wires connected to it are equipped to deliver the fast speeds. Most devices come with 5W adapters and can take long to refuel your battery, but fast-charging requires a bump in voltage. You can get more juice during this sale on fast-charging Spigen adapters and cables.

Spigen is a brand well-known for its durable phone cases, but it also offers quality phone accessories including chargers. While some items – like this USB-C fast charging adapter – can usually set you back $26 or more, you can get a few great chargers on sale for up to 44% off right now on Amazon. 

Choose from several different options that are discounted, including this USB-C cable and 45W adapter for $24 (save $6). Some of these adapters deliver 100W or more, like this $48 two-port adapter(originally $60) and this 120W four-port USB charging station, now just $60 (save $40). There's no telling when this deal ends, so act quickly before the items return to regular prices.

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