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Save $95 on this massive backup battery today

You can charge basically anything with this fantastic Jackery kit.

Jackery Explorer 500

Lots of people own pocket-friendly batteries capable of charging your phone in a pinch, but if you want to be prepared for more than just an afternoon recharge the solution is a much bigger battery. The Jackery power stations are in an entirely separate class of battery, capable of charging just about anything you need for much longer periods of time. And that power usually comes with a steep price, but today you can add the code CNET20 at checkout and save $20 on top of the current $75 discount available to everyone else today at Wellbots. That drops the total price to $405.

The Jackery Power Station 500 is a 518Wh battery with a ton of ports. You can plug in to the AC power outlet like a normal wall socket, use any or all of the three USB A ports, and even the car-friendly DC power socket to charge something a little larger. According to Wellbots, this battery is capable of running a small fridge for over 30 hours, or charging your iPad 15 times. And if you'd rather live off the grid, you can use the Jackery solar panel, sold separately and down to $254 today, to recharge the battery at any time.

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