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Save 20% creating a personalized desktop charging zone

String up to seven modular pads together to charge your phones, earbuds and Apple Watch.

Dave Johnson
3 min read

I love wireless charging pads, but I can never seem to find the right one for me, with the proper combination of charging coils for my office desk and bedroom. More to the point, my needs sometimes change, and perhaps I don't want a watch charger taking up valuable desk space anymore when the one in the bedroom will do. If any of that resonates with you, perhaps you'd like to put together your own personalized charging station with the Modula5 from RapidX. With Modula5 you can combine up to seven charging pads (called "pods"), which snap together magnetically. Right now, and until the end of May, you can save 20% on any Modula5 pods when you apply promo code CNETMOD20 at checkout. 

Each pod is a sleek little 3.5-inch-square Qi charging pad with a USB-C port on one edge and a handful of metal contacts on two other edges. To create the charging zone of your dreams, just bring two pods close to each other and the contacts will snap together with a satisfying magnetic thwack. You only need a single USB cable to charge the set, and you can plug it into any of the pods -- either end, one in the middle, and so on. It's truly modular and customizable. 

There are two kinds of pods: a 10-watt phone charger and an Apple Watch charger with a pop-up disk so you can charge the watch flat on the tabletop, 90 degrees up in nightstand mode, or any angle in between. You can combine up to five of these in any combination; two watch chargers and three phones, one of each... you get the idea. If you need to, you can actually stretch it to seven pods, but no more than five of them can be phones. Honestly, few people will ever need more than three in a line, but like having Ludicrous Mode in a Tesla, it's nice knowing you can

I've been trying these pods out, and I'm really digging them. In fact, they might be my favorite Qi chargers ever, thanks to how easy they are to customize. I set up two phone chargers and one watch charger for starters. Because the phone pad can also charge accessories like AirPods, I have a handy row of phone, watch and earbuds charging. But here's the cool part: Do you need to quickly move one of the pods to another room? Just pull it apart from the rest of the array, put it where you want and plug it in via USB-C.  

The phone pod is surprisingly smartly priced at $30 each, though I wish the watch pod were cheaper -- it's $60. You can also buy the pods in various bundles, such as a pair of phone pods with a 30-watt wall adapter for $80. Intrigued? The 20% deal really helps; you can snag one phone and one watch pod for $72 with the code. Are there cheaper wireless chargers out there? Of course. But I'm in love with the sleek design and modular customization. And like Legos, you can always add on later as your needs change -- you don't need to buy them all at once.

This article was first published last week. 

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