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Save $100 on an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22 Right Now

Cash in on the savings and upgrade to a new phone during this one-day sale while you can.

Samsung S22 and S22 Plus and S22 Ultra compared
Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

It's time to mind your phone's business. Woot has new, factory unlocked Galaxy S22 smartphones available for a steal. With a strong aluminum frame and the latest Gorilla Glass, this phone is going to last you a while, even if you're clumsy like me. You can grab a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone with 128GB of storage for just $700 at Woot, saving $100 on the list price. This offer is available today only while supplies last.

CNET's Lisa Eadicicco loved the Galaxy S22 in her review. With a 6.1-inch screen it's perfect if you're looking for a smaller phone but don't want to compromise on key features like the 50-megapixel camera, which is excellent. It has a fast processor and its screen offers refresh rates up to 120Hz, which makes the whole phone feel super fluid.

It also has an intelligent battery for hours of use, though that was the one place where we felt the S22 didn't quite match its rivals. If you do need a boost, this phone supports 25-watt super-fast charging; just keep in mind that fast wall charger is sold separately. If you want to know more about this phone, check out our full Galaxy S22 review or watch Lisa's video review below.

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