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Nab these decent true-wireless earbuds for a mere $24

Tribit's new FlyBuds 3 true wireless earbuds list for $39 but you can get them for $24, close to their lowest price ever.

We've seen some crazy-low pricing on true wireless earbuds the last few months and here's another dirt-cheap true wireless deal worth considering: Tribit's recently released FlyBuds 3, which ordinarily list for $39. But from now till Nov. 17, you can get the Tribit FlyBuds 3 for just $24, close to their lowest price ever. To do that, clip the coupon on the product page and then apply the CNET-exclusive promo code BFB30BTH92 at checkout. With both discounts stacked, you save $16. 

Note that back in July they got as low as $19.79 with a special CNET code, but currently priced at $24, they're still a pretty good deal. 

I've used the FlyBuds 3, and while they don't sound stellar (there's a bit of treble push, aka presence boost), they do sound decent and feature an ample amount of bass so long as you get a tight seal, which I had no problem doing. They're pretty discreet -- about the same size as Samsung's Galaxy Buds Plus -- and like the Buds Plus are equipped with little wings that help you get a secure fit.

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They're also waterproof (IPX7 rating) and deliver 5 hours of battery life on a single charge. That actually isn't great compared with some competing models, but the case is equipped with a 2,600-mAh battery that can charge the earbuds 20 times, according to Tribit. Additionally, the case can also charge your phone -- it has USB-C in for recharging and a USB-A out port for charging other devices. That bigger battery makes the case a little bulky and somewhat heavy, but the earbuds themselves are lightweight. They have touch controls and work OK for making voice calls.

You shouldn't expect the world for $24, but the FlyBuds 3 are certainly a good value at this price. They're something you can throw in the gym bag (when gyms open again) and not worry about losing. 

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This article was first published earlier this year. It has been updated with new pricing.