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Mint Mobile's Holiday Sale Scores You 3 Months of Service for Free

You'll need to prepay for three months to get the other three for free, but that means you can get six months of service for as little as $45.

Mint Mobile has made a name for itself with its affordable wireless service plans and great offers. Cyber Monday was certainly no exception for the MVNO's deals, but if you didn't make the switch then you still have time. Customers looking to get access to T-Mobile's nationwide network for less can sign up for Mint Mobile's Holiday Sale, which offers three months of free service when you prepay for three months.

That means you're getting six months total at half the usual price. 

This Holiday Sale at Mint is one of the best wireless plan deals available right now. You can get six months of service for as little as $45 total if you sign up for a new line or port yours over to Mint Mobile now.

You can select from four different plan options as part of this promotion where the key difference between them all is how much data you get. Mint Mobile offers 4GB, 10GB, 15GB and Unlimited data plans, and the pricing ranges from $15 to $30 a month. You have to prepay for three months of service up front to qualify, so that means you're paying anywhere from $45 to $90 in total for six months of cellular service with this Cyber Monday deal. 

Once those six months are up, Mint Mobile says you can renew with a new three-, six- or 12-month plan. For those who are new to Mint Mobile, it's worth being aware that the carrier often provides discounts like these as long as you are willing to pay for months of service upfront. If a month-to-month payment plan is preferred, you may want to also consider other prepaid carriers.

Mint Mobile offers unlimited talk and text on all of its plans, and you can check out the full coverage map here to see how it is where you live.