Lease an iPhone 8 for $8 per month

Or get an iPhone 8 Plus for $12. Or a Galaxy S9 for $9. Whatever model you choose, you'll need an 18-month Sprint Flex plan to go with it. Plus: Buy one movie ticket, get one free!

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An iPhone 8 for eight bucks. Yes, please!

Sarah Tew/CNET

Lots of folks still get their phones the old-fashioned way: Lease it from a Big Four carrier and spread out the payments over a couple years. For many people that's the only way to afford a premium model like current-gen iPhone or Samsung Galaxy .

If that arrangement still appeals to you, Sprint just delivered a whopper of a deal: From now until Aug. 9, you can get the Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) for $8 per month as part of an 18-month Sprint Flex plan. Or, if you prefer something bigger, get the iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) for $12.17 per month. Both options require a new line of service.

You can also get a Samsung Galaxy S9 for $9 or the S9 Plus for $14. 

To put this in some perspective, before the sale, Sprint's iPhone 8 cost $29.17 per month -- and that's exactly what you'll pay at most competing carriers (T-Mo charges the same, in fact, and ropes you in for 24 months). The Galaxies were originally $33 and $38 per month.

So, yeah, pretty darn good deal. Let's take a look at the rest of it:

  • After 12 months, you have the option of upgrading to another phone.
  • After the lease expires, you can buy the phone by paying off the remaining balance. (Ditto, I assume, if you lose the phone.) However, at that point you'll have paid only $144 (for the iPhone 8), so you'd be on the hook for $556.
  • Your service-plan options start at $40 per month (with autopay), a price that includes just 2GB of high-speed data. Sprint's unlimited plan costs $60.
  • As part of this promotion, Sprint will waive the $30 activation fee.

These are, to my recollection, the single most affordable iPhone 8 and Galaxy S9 deals I've seen. Assuming you're paying for an unlimited plan anyway, an extra $8-$9 per month shouldn't be hard to swallow.

Granted, the iPhone 8 is approaching its one-year birthday, and  Apple will very likely unveil new models in a little over a month. But it's still a premium, feature-rich phone that would cost you $700 to buy outright.


BOGO movie tix!

Atom Tickets

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: MoviePass, MovieShmass. While that well intentioned but ill-fated service dies on the vine, Atom Tickets is offering a straight-up BOGO deal: Order two movie tickets in the app, apply promo code WEGOTYOU, and get one for free.

This deal is good through Aug. 5, so you've still got time to see the new Mission: Impossible -- without any, ahem, hassles.

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