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Here's a 16,000-mAh power bank with USB-C and USB-A outputs for just $20

Nothing fancy -- no RGB lighting or digital display -- but you can charge three devices at once and charge an iPhone 11 four times.

Daily Steals

It seems like I can't go more than a few days without running into a discounted power bank, and this week is no exception. This Galvanox 16,000-mAh power bank is one of those no-frills batteries that you can keep in your travel bag for those times when you absolutely have to leave the house (don't forget your face mask, please) and need some backup power. It lists for $80 but let's be real: I doubt anyone has ever paid that much for it. It's selling for $30 on Daily Steals right now, but in this Cheapskate exclusive you can get the Galvanox 16,000 mAh Power Bank for $20 when you use promo code CNETGVX at checkout.

So $20 buys you a charger with a total of four ports. You get a USB-C Power Delivery port that can supply up to 18 watts along with a pair of USB-A ports -- one that supplies a standard 5 volts and the other that's an 18-watt Quick Charge 3 compatible connector. The fourth connector is a Micro-USB port for charging the battery, though you can also use the two-way USB-C port to charge it as well.

16,000 mAh is roughly enough to charge an iPhone 11 about four times, and there's a four-level charge indicator on the top of the power bank so you know roughly how much power is left.

This isn't the best power bank deal we've run in the last month or so. Recently, for example, we had a 26,000-mAh bank for $18, though it didn't have any USB-C ports, so it's a bit of a toss-up. If you need a beefy power bank with a USB-C port that can top off as many as three devices at once, this is a solid deal, if not the best deal ever. 

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