Google Inbox replacement: Get a lifetime Darwin Mail Pro subscription for $25.50

Still mourning the loss of Google Inbox? This service restores many of its best features.

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Rick Broida
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Darwin Mail replaces nearly all the best features from Google Inbox.

Darwin Mail

Google Inbox was, for many, the Marie Kondo of Gmail -- an organizational tool unlike any other, and indispensable to the Gmail experience. Alas, Google pulled the plug on Inbox back in April, leaving many to wax poetic about the beloved mail client. Good news: Darwin Mail aims to fill those big Inbox shoes, at least for desktop Gmail (mobile apps are in the works). And although it isn't free like Inbox, it won't cost you much at all to get lifetime access. 

For a limited time, Cheapskate readers can get a Darwin Mail Pro Lite lifetime subscription for $25.50 after applying promo code CNETDARWIN15 at checkout. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

To be clear, this is exactly the same as the Pro Plus plan; there's nothing "lite" about it. But the developer distinguishes between Lite and Pro only by how you normally pay for a subscription: $3 per month for Pro Lite, $25 annually for Pro Plus. All features: exactly the same.

Those features include bundles, reminders, bulk actions and templates. Darwin Mail can snooze emails as well, though obviously that feature is now available in Gmail proper. It's possible some or all of Inbox's other features will make their way there as well, but for now, Darwin Mail is the answer.

By the way, you can try Darwin Mail for free, though you get access to only a small subset of features (and none of the really good ones, IMHO). You can also choose a one-year subscription option for $9.99 (via the above button), in case you're not convinced this is something you'll use for life.

Still for just $15 more, and for basically the price of a one-year subscription, you can enjoy Darwin Mail forever. Your thoughts?

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