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Get Razer's Anzu Bluetooth Audio Glasses for Only $60

These Anzu audio glasses used to cost $200. They're now being regularly discounted to $60 -- a 70% savings.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
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Razer Anzu glasses on a blue surface next to dark lenses and a case
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Razer Anzu glasses on a blue surface next to dark lenses and a case

The Razer Anzu Bluetooth audio glasses come in rectangular and square versions.

David Carnoy/CNET

Bose recently had all its Frames 2.0 audio sunglasses on sale for $100 off, which made for a good deal. It also reminded me of an even better deal on Razer's Anzu Bluetooth audio glasses that are only a tad behind Bose's Tenor and Soprano audio glasses for sound quality.

At launch, they cost $200. But now both the round and rectangular versions are discounted to $60. I've previously said that could mean a new model is on the way, but the Anzu has seen regular discounts for several months. If you've been curious about Bluetooth audio glasses but didn't like their high price, this is a very affordable way to give them a try. Best Buy has them for $64, but Amazon and Razer have both the large and regular sizes available for $60.

While they're a little bass-shy, they have more bass than some models on our list of best Bluetooth audio glasses and sunglasses. The Anzu glasses are light and comfortable to wear (I tried the square version in the "regular" size). The regular size weighs 43 grams, while the large weighs 48. By comparison, Amazon's Echo Frames are 31 grams. The glasses include 35% blue-light filtering lenses along with a set of polarized sunglass lenses (you can easily swap them in). This smart eyewear is touch-enabled, plus you can play or pause media, manage calls and pair them easily to your PC device. The built-in Bluetooth speaker hidden on its frame provides stutter-free sound and does not skip or delay audio.

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They're IPX4 water-resistant (meaning they're splashproof). Audio glasses work well for running and biking because they leave your ears open so you can hear traffic. Battery life is rated at up to five hours at moderate volume levels, and additional polarized lenses are available for $30.

Also worth noting: Since Razer is a "gaming lifestyle" company, it's highlighting its low-latency Bluetooth technology. It says the "customized Bluetooth 5.1 connection brings industry-leading 60ms latency for smooth, stutter-free sound."

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The Razer Anzu in the round style.


The Razer Anzu companion app for iOS and Android enables firmware updates, lets you make EQ adjustments (default, enhanced clarity or treble boost), access latency settings and check battery status. You can make calls with them and access your virtual assistant with a button press.

Razer has partnered with Lensabl for prescription glasses lenses, which is offering a 15% discount to Anzu owners, but you can compare its prices with other sites. Online replacement lens sites, such as replacerxlenses.com and overnightglasses.com, can fit them with Rx lenses.

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