Get 6 months of unlimited talk and text with 50GB of LTE data for $100

That's way more data than you get from the likes of Mint Mobile, and it includes 20GB of mobile hotspot data as well.

Dave Johnson
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Black Wireless

I admit that cellular provider Black Wireless is new to me, but it's an AT&T MVNO (owned by Red Pocket Mobile) that's been around since about 2011, offering an assortment of both monthly and pay-as-you-go plans. If you're looking to save on wireless service, you might be interested in its "Unlimited Everything" plan, which features unlimited text, talk and 4G LTE data for $25 per month on the T-Mobile network. More interesting, though, is that if you commit to six months, you can get all six months of Black Wireless's Unlimited Everything for $100. That's about $17 per month.

As noted, Black Wireless has long relied on AT&T's network, but this 50GB plan (and only this plan) uses T-Mobile. That's according to one sales rep I spoke to on the phone and another I chatted with online. (I couldn't find any mention of this on the Black Wireless site.) 

For your $100, you get not only unlimited text, talk and data, but also free international calling and an additional 20GB of mobile hotspot data. That's pretty amazing; prepaid carrier Mint Mobile offers mobile hotspot as well, but the data used counts against your monthly allotment. And Mint's closest competing six-month plan nets you just 12GB total data for $210.

Black Wireless gives you 50GB of high-speed data (and unlimited throttled data after that) on top of the 20GB for hotspot. There are so-called unlimited plans from larger carriers that throttle your speed before you get anywhere near 50GB.

You'll no doubt want to check out Black Wireless other plans as well, but this "multimonth plan" is without question one of the best I've seen. If you have any firsthand experience with this carrier, hit the comments and tell us about it.

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Originally published earlier. Updated to provide clarification with regard to plans and service.  

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