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NEC MultiSync E231W

The NEC MultiSync E231W offers a lot of features for a relatively low price.

NEC MultiSync PA271W w/SpectraView II

The NEC MultiSync PA271W is an incredibly performing monitor that may be too expensive for what it offers.

NEC MultiSync P221W

The NEC MultiSync P221W has some of the most accurate colors we've seen, but it is light on features.

NEC MultiSync EA221WM-BK

The NEC MultiSync EA221WM has a host of features and good overall performance for a fairly high price.

NEC AccuSync LCD22WMGX 22-inch

This 22-inch monitor packs on the features, including full HD video support and specialized picture and color enhancements. If you're looking for a great display to view photos, look no further.

NEC MultiSync LCD1970VX

The NEC MultiSync LCD1970VX is a reasonably priced, well-designed LCD that will fit most users' needs for flexibility and image quality.

NEC-Mitsubishi MultiSync LCD1770NX-BK

All the little details are in place, but the so-so image quality and the high price detract from its appeal.

NEC MultiSync FE2111SB-BK

This reasonably priced jumbo CRT performs well, but it's hard to adjust and lacking in pizzazz.

MultiSync LCD1860NX 18.1-inch White LCD Monitor

NEC's MultiSync LCD1960NXi is surprisingly good with video, but there are other less expensive 19-inch LCDs that offer superior overall image quality.

NEC MultiSync FP912SB

NEC's MultiSync FP912SB offers decent image quality and vibrant colors, but it's quite expensive for a 19-inch CRT.

NEC AccuSync LCD9V

The NEC AccuSync LCD9V is a good-looking, inexpensive 19-inch LCD for the home or the office, and the features it lacks are nonessential.

NEC MultiSync FE991SB

If you care about seeing only photos and other graphics in all their glorious color, you'll like the FE991SB. But if you work with written documents, be prepared for blurry text.


  • Color: black
  • Type: 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs
  • Compliant Standards: DDC-2B, DDC/CI, FCC, ISO 9241-307, Plug and Play, RoHS, TCO Displays 6.0, VESA DPMS

NEC MultiSync EA223WM-BK

  • Color: black
  • Type: 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 12.35 lbs
  • Compliant Standards: DDC-2B, DDC/CI, ISO 9241-307, RoHS, TCO Displays 5.2, VESA DPMS

NEC E505 E Series

  • Type: 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 27.78 lbs

NEC MultiSync P403 P Series

  • Type: 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 39.68 lbs
  • Compliant Standards: DDC-2B, DDC/CI

NEC E805-AVT E Series

  • Type: 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 135.58 lbs

NEC E705 E Series

  • Type: 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 103.62 lbs

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