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NEC MultiSync FE2111SB-BK

This reasonably priced jumbo CRT performs well, but it's hard to adjust and lacking in pizzazz.

NEC MultiSync FP

NEC's MultiSync FP912SB offers decent image quality and vibrant colors, but it's quite expensive for a 19-inch CRT.

ViewSonic G810

ViewSonic's G90fb offers an easily adjustable picture at a reasonable price but not enough image quality for demanding users.

NEC MultiSync FE991SB

If you care about seeing only photos and other graphics in all their glorious color, you'll like the FE991SB. But if you work with written documents, be prepared for blurry text.

Samsung SyncMaster 902

This solid, reasonably priced, 19-inch flat-screen monitor offers satisfactory display quality for mainstream users.

Editors' Choice
$284.00 MSRP

Samsung SyncMaster 701

The SyncMaster 755DF gives you a champagne-quality display on a beer budget, making it a great basic monitor buy for home or office.

Editors' Choice
$269.00 MSRP

Samsung SyncMaster 700

A high-performance display for much less money than you'd expect; heartily recommended.

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