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This Is Your Last Chance to Save $48 on Peacock Premium

Stream popular TV show Yellowstone and the World Cup on Peacock all while saving some dollars through Peacock's Cyber Monday sale.

Messi, Ronaldo and Christian Pulisic will play for the World Cup. Peacock will air it in Spanish.
Peacock Premium users will be able to watch every game of the 2022 World Cup live in Spanish.

Update Nov. 29 10.23am ET: The Peacock deal has now expired but you can find more streaming deals here

Time is running out to get a sweet deal on a Peacock Premium subscription: 12 months for just $12 on Cyber Monday.

The service usually costs $5 a month, so this deal saves you $48 a year. If you sign up, you can watch all 64 games of the 2022 World Cup live -- in Spanish -- plus Sunday night football games and the entire Peacock library, for just a fraction of the yearly cost. 

The "limited time" offer, as spotted by GameSpot, is currently available to new members or existing Free tier users (though not existing Peacock Premium or Premium Plus subscribers). 

To sign up, follow the link below and use the code SAVEBIG.

While Peacock offers a free tier with a bunch of shows and films, you will need to pony up extra to watch exclusive content. For instance, the service recently added one of the best sci-fi horror films of 2022, Jordan Peele's Nope. You'll also find Premier League matches, Yellowstone, WWE, The Office and movies such as Jurassic World: Dominion and Minions: The Rise of Gru behind the paywall.