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Toyota confirms 2022 Tundra pickup will debut on Sept. 19

After seemingly endless teasers, we finally have a debut date.

We've waited many, many years for Toyota to bring us the next-generation Tundra and now we finally know when the wait will end. Toyota issued a statement Tuesday confirming its new full-size pickup will debut on Sunday, Sept. 19, at 6:00 p.m. PT. 

We already have a few ideas of what to expect from the Tundra, as Toyota has been dribbling out teasers for the past few months. So far we've had glimpses of the new suspension, the power rear window, a bit of the dash, some interior features and the whole exterior. We don't have any official word about what is under the hood, but it's likely we'll see the company's new twin-turbo V6, as well as some kind of electrified option.

The new Tundra faces stiff competition from the stellar Ram 1500, new Ford F-150 and the recently refreshed Chevrolet Silverado. We're stoked to see what Toyota brings into the mix.