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2022 Toyota Tundra's interior teased promising full-size truck adventure

We've seen the exterior, and now Toyota wants to gradually reveal the inside of its new pickup.

2022 Toyota Tundra interior teaser
We had to doctor this image up a tad, since a panoramic photo isn't a great viewing option for you all.

Toyota pulled the sheet off the 2022 Tundra last week, showing off its new full-size truck for the first time. On Tuesday, the automaker gave the world a look at the truck's redesigned interior. It's barely a "look," but it's the first time we've seen any of it.

This panoramic view of the cockpit sliced off all the goods, and just barely teases the steering wheel, dashboard and a wide touchscreen display. Toyota gave zero additional details with this image and only said the cockpit will be a "front-row seat to adventure." Definitely expect some big changes inside, since the current Tundra's lived through four different US presidents by now. If you're eager for a little more detail, Roadshow mocked up an expert rendering of what we may see from the truck when Toyota's ready to show it off fully.

Expert rendition of the new Tundra's interior.


This first look follows the first official image Toyota revealed of the truck last week, which showcased a brash front end with a massive grille and lots of LED lights. The specific truck shown is a TRD Pro model, so we'll likely see the design change between various trims. A more premium 2022 Tundra may not look as in-your-face, for example. But we'll have to wait and see if that's the case. We also got a single teaser showing off the truck's new engine, which looks a lot like a twin-turbo V6.

Expect a few more teaser drops before Toyota reveals the pickup this fall. The brand plans to ship the first 2022 Tundra models to dealers by the end of this year.