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Reviewing Teslas can be challenging. They are, you see, always changing. Everything from Autopilot capability to the braking performance of the Model 3 has been tweaked since the car's release via software updates, creating a bit of a moving target when it comes to evaluating the thing. And so, nine months after our original Model 3 review, we're back to weigh in on this latest flavor of the car and all of its improvements.

But it wasn't just the software that got tweaked. This is the new Model 3 Dual Motor with the Performance Upgrade Package. That suite shoehorns a second motor to the front of the car, adding all-wheel drive and enough acceleration to make passengers squeal with either delight or horror -- or, perhaps, both.

This, then, is a car radically improved in a number of ways, but you'll pay for it: $64,000 to start. If that sounds like a lot, a Model 3 Performance equipped as the one I tested would cost a rather more dear $78,500. That pricing sets it squarely against BMW's M3, Audi's RS5 and any number of absolutely lovely sports cars. That's serious competition, but as I would quickly discover, the Model 3 is surprisingly up to the task.

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The Good The Model 3 Performance is impressively quick yet offers great range and practicality.

The Bad Interior quality and features are still lacking, especially for a car that starts at $64,000.

The Bottom Line A really fun, really livable car that only really works if you ignore the cost and the competition.

Editors' Rating
  • Performance 9
  • Features 7
  • Design 9
  • Media 7.5

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