Zip into the 10 strangest hoodies ever created (pictures)

Explore a world of casual fashion where hoodies sport Princess Leia buns, pillows, creepy built-in goggles and pettable fur.

Amanda Kooser
1 of 10 Welovefine

Fuzzy Chewbacca hoodie

The venerable hoodie is an all-purpose wardrobe item. It protects your head, gives you pockets for your hands and gear, and zips up and down to accommodate changes in temperature. That doesn't mean it has to be boring. Check out these unusual, nutty and downright weird hoodies.

Feeling fuzzy? Slip into this Chewbacca hoodie and get your Wookiee on. You may want to keep a comb in your back pocket to brush out the sweater's luxurious locks. This fake-fur fashion creation is what would happen if a Kardashian collided with Star Wars.

2 of 10 Betabrand

Battle with a Black Ops hoodie

When you get the Call of Duty, what will you wear? How about this Black Ops Huntsman Hoodie from Betabrand? The hoodie is built for gamers out of moleskin fabric. Faux-leather elbow and rifle patches give it a military look. The night-vision goggles are not included.

3 of 10 Adam Harvey

Hoodie hides you from drone eyes

More and more drones are taking to the skies and that means more and more people may unwittingly be under surveillance. Designer Adam Harvey created a line of Stealth Wear that includes this anti-drone hoodie. It's made with metalized fabric that hides the wearer from thermal imaging.

4 of 10 ThinkGeek

Look like a technomancer

Most hoodies are just made from fabric. ThinkGeek's Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie includes multicolored LED lights, a speaker box and accelerometer. The hoodie responds to different movements to cast virtual "spells," including thunderbolt, fireball and energy beam. It's powered by batteries and all the electronics are removable for washing.

5 of 10 ThinkGeek

Leia buns built in

Very few people have the skill or hair to pull off a set of authentic Star Wars Princess Leia buns. No matter. You can just get a hoodie that comes pre-bunned. This officially licensed Princess Leia hoodie lets you rock the space-do whenever you cover your head. If the Leia look isn't your thing, then check out Her Universes's pointy-eared Spock hoodie instead.

6 of 10 Luisaviaroma.com

Hoodie with goggles

Do you like superheroes? How about the creepy eyes on Frank the Bunny from "Donnie Darko?" The AI Riders on the Storm down jacket has a built-in hoodie section that zips completely over your face, giving you a set of weird goggle-eyes. There's a friendly little pom-pom decoration on top, but this is still one creepy hoodie.

7 of 10 Betabrand

This hoodie is all business

Years ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg annoyed the buttoned-up business crowd by showing up to an investor meeting wearing a hoodie. There is a way to reconcile the casual attire of a hoodie with the business-serious look of a pinstripe suit. Betabrand released the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie in 2012 in an attempt to satisfy both sides of the fashion argument. It might not pass inspection in a high-powered lawyers' office, but it certainly looks comfy.

8 of 10 Aros

Hoodie with a pillow for nappers

One thing Kickstarter backers love are projects that help you nap in new and interesting ways, as evidenced by the success of the Ostrich Pillow and the Aros Hypnos Hoodie, now known as the Sleep Hoodie. The hoodie includes an inflatable pillow that works a lot like those travel pillow you blow into and hook around your neck in a "U" shape. What makes it convenient is that the inflatable sits inside the hood part of the sweatshirt so it's always easily available when a nap strikes.

9 of 10 Computer Apparel

Tablets love hoodies, too

Your portable computing devices should be just as chic as you are. The Hoodie iPad sleeve popped up in 2012 as an homage to the favorite clothing item of computer nerds everywhere. It has a hood and drawstrings and comes in a classic gray, I-could-go-straight-the-gym color. A pocket on the front holds your smartphone. Apple's tablet has changed a lot since 2012, but the hoodie look is timeless.

10 of 10 Misterchukcha

Hoodie with integrated love pockets

The Together Wear hoodie on Kickstarter is made with more than just the individual wearer in mind. It has two integrated pockets on the back that let someone hug you and tuck in their hands at the same time. Yes, it's kind of weird. It's far away from meeting its crowdfunding goal, but it's still a cute concept.

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