Technomancer digital wizard hoodie casts showy spells

Turn yourself into a high-tech Harry Potter with the Technomancer digital spell-casting hoodie.

I cast a spell on you.

It all started as a joke. For April Fools' Day 2012, ThinkGeek unveiled the Technomancer Digital Wizard Hoodie, a nonexistent product that allowed the wearer to cast spells with LED lights and sound effects. Enough customers expressed a deep desire to own the real deal to spur the company into making it an actual garment.

The $120 hoodie is kitted out with a speaker box, 32 multicolored LEDs, and an accelerometer. The whole thing is powered by six AA batteries. Those electronic bits are removable for washing.

The Technomancer can perform nine motion-activated spells: electroshock, thunderbolt, restore health, fireball, shockwave, energy beam, raise the dead, warp, and water bending. Bonus actions include restore mana, which also acts as a reset position, and color caster, which lets you play with the light effects. It comes with a spell chart to get you started, though you'll need to train hard like you're at Hogwarts to learn how to correctly activate all the spells.

Regrettably, the hoodie won't actually raise the dead or shoot fireballs, but that's what your imagination is for. What you will get is glowing lights from your sleeves and around your head along with the appropriate sound effects for each spell. This should be a hit at your next Dungeons & Dragons night.