Princess Leia hoodie brings the buns

Princess Leia's famous hairdo now comes in the form of a "Star Wars" hoodie with head buns.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Princess Leia hoodie
May the Force be with your torso. ThinkGeek

Princess Leia hair maintenance isn't an easy task. First, you have to grow enough of it to wrap up into double buns. It has to be brown. You pretty much need an expert to get it into the right shape and place.

Forget all that trouble. Just pick up a Princess Leia Hoodie. The $49.99 officially-licensed hoodie at ThinkGeek is made from a poly/cotton blend. I'm guessing that fabric will help it hold up to the rigors of the garbage chute. It's also likely to be a lot more comfortable than Princess Leia's metal bikini outfit.

The rest of the hoodie resembles the top part of Leia's classic white dress, complete with embroidered grey belt and pointed cuffs. It's machine washable, so you can get out the stains left over from hanging out with Jabba the Hutt and wash off all that loose Ewok fur.

The hoodie comes courtesy of the creative minds over at Her Universe, a repository of geeky fashions for ladies. Some of the other "Star Wars" creations include Sith tank tops, Boba Fett underwear, and Naboo earrings.

Because everybody has a little Princess Leia in them, the hoodie is available in sizes up to XXL. Go on, fellas, don't be shy. This would look just as awesome on a guy.

Princess Leia hoodie front
Nice buns! ThinkGeek