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Fight zombies in a Black Ops Huntsman Hoodie

Whether fighting mutants or other baddies, this hoodie from Betabrand will keep you warm, comfortable, and ready for action.

This is a prototype version of what might become an official Betabrand product. Betabrand

Members of the US military have their own fashion line to help them on the battlefield, but what about the millions of us who impersonate them in video games as they take on hordes of mutants, zombies, and enemy combatants? That's the question Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland set out to answer with the Black Ops Huntsman Hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt designed for the missions gamers regularly undertake.

The garment, currently the focus of a crowdfunding push, sports a padded faux-leather shoulder pad to blunt the recoil impact of high-caliber rifles, ray guns, and the deadly BFG; a mock-pheasant pouch to store goods like smartphones and throwing knives; and faux-leather elbow patches to give the vintage look that's so popular today. And, the entire hoodie is made out of Moleskin fabric for added comfort.

The Black Ops Huntsman Hoodie should prepare you for battle on your couch, and it can be yours for $169.20 (10 percent off the suggested retail price for those who preorder before the funding deadline).

Be warned, however, that the dorky nightvision goggles aren't included.