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Chewbacca hoodie is so furry it requires grooming

A luxuriously coiffed Chewbacca hoodie combines the realms of "Star Wars" cosplay and casual fashion for an unforgettable look.

Perfect for your next visit to Hoth. Welovefine

We can't all be over 7 feet tall and covered in hair like the universe's most-famous Wookiee, Chewbacca. All we we can do is stand around being short and envious of the towering alien's impressive fur coat. Even if you can't reach Chewbacca's great heights, at least you can achieve the hirsute look with an extremely fuzzy Chewbacca hoodie from Welovefine.

The official name for the eye-catching article of clothing is the I Am Chewie Hoodie. The hoodie is so hairy, it looks like it may require some serious maintenance involving a comb. It comes with a satin bandolier sewn into place. You will need to provide your own creepy holiday special.

The hoodie is fashioned from polyester fake fur on the outside and cotton for the lining. The good news is you can pass the time by braiding or grooming your hoodie while you're waiting in line for autographs at your local sci-fi con.

The sweater sells for $60 (about £39, AU$76). It will be right at home in your wardrobe if you already own a Wampa-skin dress and a Princess Leia hoodie with built-in buns.

The sweater's luxurious locks are pretty much guaranteed to draw attention, and not just from "Star Wars" fans. You might want to be careful about wearing it in Bigfoot territory, as the elusive creature might fall in love at first sight. Nobody really wants an untimely Sasquatch embrace.

The fur is strong with this one. Welovefine

(Via Laughing Squid)