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16 buzz-worthy booze gadgets (pictures)

Ready to shake up your drinking routine? Start here.

1 of 17 Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Mixing up your booze game

There are a lot of ways to enjoy an alcoholic beverage and this booze-related gallery is proof of that.

Click through to see products that are pretty clever to stuff that's just downright ridiculous. Bottoms up!

Hands-off at-home beer brewing
Hands-off at-home beer brewing
2 of 17 Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Hands-off at-home beer brewing

If you've ever wanted to recreate your favorite brews at home with minimal effort, PicoBrew's Zymatic promises to handle most of the heavy lifting for you.

3 of 17 PicoBrew

Smart drink-tracking

The Wi-Fi-enabled KegSmarts has an OLED display that keeps you apprised of important details, like how many servings of beer you have left.

4 of 17 SuperDroid Robots

A robot beer butler

Forget walking. The Keg-a-Droid will deliver your next drink to you.

5 of 17 Handle This Cup

Handle This Cup with care

This handy drink holder is like a koozie for your pint glass or Solo cup. You can even connect multiple ones together for those times when a single beer just isn't enough.

6 of 17 Empire Robotic

Beer pong precision

Even the most impressive beer pong-ers occasionally miss their mark, but not Empire Robotics' Versaball.

7 of 17 10-Vins

Fancy a vial of wine?

10-Vins' D-Vine delivers its single-serve wine in microchip-equipped vials that provide specific decanting and temperature details.

8 of 17 Sharper Image

Keep your booze chilled

Cool down your tequila, bourbon and other booze without the bother of ice cubes.

9 of 17 Thinfilm

Protect your stash

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label smart bottle concept knows the difference between an open and a sealed bottle.

10 of 17 Jamie Price

Let Bar2D2 deliver your drinks

Jamie Price used R2-D2 as his inspiration for this radio-controlled bartender.

11 of 17 Vinotemp

Frosted glasses, fast

Vinotemp wants to give your drinking glasses a boost with a dose of CO2.

12 of 17 Next Glass

An on-hand sommelier

Next Glass is an Android and iOS app that learns your wine preferences and makes suggestions so you never end up with something you don't like again.

13 of 17 Pat's Backcountry Beverages

Beer, from concentrate

Craving a beer? Sparkling Drink Systems and Pat's Backcountry Beverages want you to try their new single-serve concoctions.

14 of 17 Sonic Decanter

Sounding off on wine

The Sonic Decanter claims to employ "ultrasonic energy" to make cheap wine taste great.

15 of 17 Johnnie Walker/Harris Tweed Hebrides

A whiff of whisky

Harris Tweed Hebrides joined forces with Johnnie Walker to make a whisky-scented fabric...because who wants to live in a world where purposefully liquor-perfumed textiles aren't an option?

16 of 17 Vinaera

Instant aeration

The Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator relies on six AAA batteries to add air to your wine before it reaches your glass.

17 of 17 Tyler Lizenby/CNET

A Perfect Drink?

Perfect Drink's step-by-step tutorials and included scale take the guesswork out of your mixed-drink-making.

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