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Heft 10 beers with one hand with Handle This Cup

If you ever dreamed of having a superpower that lets you carry way too much beer with one hand, then the Handle This Cup Kickstarter is here to help.

Handle This beer handle
Handle This Cup

Anytime a mildly annoying problem crops up in everyday life, you can bet there's an inventor out there working out how to mitigate it. Need to write a quick note? Reach for a Post-it. Thighs looking a little lumpy? Slap on some Spanx. Beer in a plastic cup sloshing over or getting warm? You need a Handle This Cup holder from Kickstarter.

The handle slips around a cup to create a place to hold it in your fist without touching the cup itself. It features a slot that can hold other Handle This Cup handles, allowing you to connect multiple cups together so you can carry a ton of beer all at once. It can also work to hold a regular pint glass, so you don't have to freeze your fingers every time you heft your beverage.

Admittedly, this isn't the most mature-sounding Kickstarter project in the world. The phrase "piss-warm beer" shows up enough times to make you consider creating a Chrome extension to block it out. However, there is a certain utilitarian appeal to the product that could attract festivalgoers, party people, beer-wielding sports fans and anyone who hates getting stuck with a plastic cup on busy nights at the local bar.

For being a clever piece of plastic, the Handle This Cup is a little pricey. If you want to truly challenge your beer carrying skills, you'll need to pay out $80 (about £53, AU$99) for a 10-pack of handles. The regular pledge price for a single handle in black is $12 (about £8, AU$15). With 32 days to go, the campaign has raised more than $1,800 toward a $13,421 goal.

With great power comes great responsibility. Just because you can carry 10 beers in one hand doesn't mean you should. You might want to work up to it, starting with just a few beers and building up your muscles. Make sure you have friends who can help take those beers off your hand. Consider filling some of those cups up with water instead.

The Handle This Cup team doesn't just want to get these handles into the hands of everyday partygoers. The ultimate goal is to sell the design to large sporting venues and festivals to hand out to beverage buyers during events. Will Handle This Cup become the latest hot beer-related invention in a world with beer-pong-playing robots and gadgets that add ultrasonic bubbles to your brew? It's hard to say. It may all hinge on just how annoyed Kickstarter backers are with sloppy, squishy plastic cups full of suds.

Hopefully, she's sharing with somebody. Handle This Cup