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These clothes smell like Johnnie Walker whisky, on purpose

Innovative fabric-technology minds have figured out how to make Harris Tweed fabric smell permanently like Scotch whisky.

Tweed with whisky smell
Get a whiff of this whisky tweed. Johnnie Walker/Harris Tweed Hebrides

Usually, having the odor of alcoholic beverages clinging to your clothes means you've been over-imbibing or just plain clumsy with your cocktails. A new variation on the classic Scottish tweed fabric is going for a whiskey smell on purpose. Scotch maker Johnnie Walker and textiles maker Harris Tweed Hebrides have gotten together to create to a whisky-scented fabric.

The heavy lifting on the development process was done by Heriot-Watt University's School of Textiles and Design in Edinburgh and Galashiels, Scotland. The aroma is applied to the fabric using a micro-encapsulation technology that allows the scent to survive the dry-cleaning process so you can always smell like you just accidentally spilled a $30 bottle of blended Scotch on yourself. The scent has been named "Aqua Alba."

BBC News reports that Johnnie Walker describes the fragrance as having "rich malt, golden vanilla, red fruit and dark chocolate tones." Owners of these whisky-scented clothes may want to be cautious about where they are worn. For example, you may have to explain to a police officer that you haven't been drinking, but your jacket has been.

Italy-based fashion designer Angelos Bratis will be creating a line of clothing using the fabric. Perhaps Johnnie Walker and Harris Tweed Hebrides will one day offer even higher-end variations of the cloth. For example, you could conceivably wear a suit that smells like a $200 bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.

No prices have been announced for clothes made from this fancy fabric, but a real Harris Tweed suit doesn't come cheap. If the Johnnie Walker jacket ends up being out of your budget, you could always get away with picking up a thrift-store coat and a bottle of Old Smuggler and doing it yourself, reapplying as needed since you probably don't want to actually drink Old Smuggler.

Whisky tweed
This tweed may or may not make you look like a Scottish male model. Johnnie Walker/Harris Tweed Hebrides

(Via Luxury Launches)