D-Vine from 10-Vins is the Nespresso of wine

French startup 10-Vins plans to bring single-serve wine to the US in 2015.

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The D-Vine wine machine 10-Vins

French startup 10-Vins is channeling Nespresso-style coffee and espresso brewing with its D-Vine wine machine. If you haven't read my review of the $299 Nespresso VertuoLine , it's simple. Purchase the coffee or espresso pods that strike your flavor fancy, pop one in the machine, and the barcode on the pod will provide custom brewing instructions -- from water temperature to the amount of water to use -- automatically.

10-Vins' D-Vine is supposed to work in much the same way. You can buy 3.4-ounce (10-centiliter) single-serve pours starting at $2.60 (€1.90) each. But instead of some strange lab-concocted varietal (as you might expect from a "wine pod"), 10-Vins selects its wines from independent wineries and simply repackages them in chem-lab-esque vials (designed to keep for up to three years). While the D-Vine gizmo doesn't make the wine, it is designed to read a microchip on the vial to determine proper decanting and temperature instructions. And 10-Vins claims that the entire process takes just 30 seconds.

Wine vials 10-Vins

D-Vine seems like an interesting option if you like variety, have family members with very different tastes, or worry about your pricy bottle of wine going bad before you can finish it. It should also allow for an optimal at-home taste-test; from there, you can buy full-sized bottles of your favorites. D-Vine will launch in France this November and is available now for preorder for €199. It's expected to come to the United States in late 2015 and retail for about $250.