Keg-a-Droid robot brings you a whole keg of beer on command

Lazy beer fans can have a cold one delivered by a wheeled robot with the sole purpose in life of trucking a keg around.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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A look at the tank on the rear of the Keg-a-Droid. SuperDroid Robots

We all have dreams. Some dream of world peace or traveling through outer space. Others dream of building a keg-carrying robot that wants nothing more than to heft nearly eight gallons of cold brew onto its shoulders and bring it to you. Those people are also known as SuperDroid Robots, the business behind the Keg-a-Droid on Kickstarter.

The Keg-a-Droid is designed with keg-toting practicality in mind. It consists of a wheeled platform that holds a slim-quarter-barrel keg that sits inside a modified half-barrel keg with a drain plug. The big keg acts as an ice bucket for the smaller keg. The package includes a CO2 tank, regulator and tap system for pouring yourself a refreshing brewski. The bot is commanded through a remote control. This system is going for a $1,800 early-bird pledge price.

You can step up your game with a refrigerated Keg-a-Droid that doesn't require refreshing the ice. It includes a Kegerator keg cooler system that plugs into the wall when your robot isn't busy driving it around. It will keep your beer chilled and ready at all times, just in case there's a party emergency. This package has an early-bird pledge price of $2,100.

Perhaps some enterprising person will pair a Keg-a-Droid with a PicoBrew Zymatic automated brewing machine and turn all the beer catering duties over to machines. It would be like "The Jetsons" meets Bender from "Futurama."

The Keg-a-Droid project has 43 days to run and is just a little over $100 towards a $25,000 goal. There may not be a massive demand for a $1,800 robot that exists to truck your beer around and impress your friends, but there's a enjoyably goofy bit of madness about the whole idea. If you've got money to burn, a love of beer and a passion for robots, there are worse ways you could blow a chunk of cash.

The complete Keg-a-Droid is a tall contraption. SuperDroid Robots