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Apple TV gets Amazon Video app later this year

Amazon's popular video service, a direct competitor to Apple's iTunes, is coming to an app on the Apple TV box.

Sarah Tew

After years without an official Amazon Video app, Apple TV is finally jumping into the river. 

Apple Monday confirmed rumors that an official app for the popular Amazon Video service will be available later this year on its fourth-generation $150 Apple TV streaming and gaming box, which debuted in October 2015. Earlier generations also lacked Amazon apps.

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The announcement was a quick mention during the WWDC keynote by Apple CEO Tim Cook. CNET reached out to an Apple representative for more details, but she declined to provide any.

Until now Apple TV lacked an app that allows streaming of Amazon video, which is available on Apple's iPhones and iPads. Even there, however, the Amazon Video app is a stripped-down version that doesn't allow purchases. It's currently unclear if the upcoming Apple TV Amazon app will.

Shortly after Apple TV's debut, Amazon stopped selling the device, along with Google's Chromecast. An Amazon spokesperson said the change had to do with its Prime Video service, which wasn't easily available on the devices.

Currently the only way to buy and rent TV shows and movies to watch on Apple TV is by using Apple's own iTunes service. Competitor Roku has sold devices with an Amazon app since 2011, and CNET's review of the Apple TV cited lack of Amazon in "The Bad" section.

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